Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Happy husband

Adam got a draw knife.

Using it looks like this:

And this:

He's taking the huge log (previously referenced here) and smoothing it out to make a bench. The garage smells wonderful because the log is cedar.

Adam just came in and said that using the draw knife was *totally awesome*, and I asked if I need to find him more logs and he said yes! Win! We'll end up with a whole house full of woodsy furniture.

Bench trial--a success. Spencer agrees.

And I just like this photo because Spenc's head is the only thing moving. :)

Food Lately

Been a little busy around time for blogging!

But, we have been eating well.

Definitely snacking well! Adam made Chex Mix...recipe from his brain. 

I made granola, which is actually more like crunchy toasted oats (not very sweet), recipe here. This stuff is perfect to add to plain low fat greek yogurt with a dollop of jam. 

And, I made more meatballs! These are not cheese stuffed ones (like I made before) but they are my own creation based off of the cheese stuffed ones (very similar but I used shredded mozzarella instead of romano mixed in with the beef). I used four and half pounds of beef for these! We've got a bunch in the fridge and lots more in the freezer. 

And Adam made chicken noodle soup from scratch! (Even made his own stock!) Very good. Chickens were on sale so we've actually got a whole chicken in the slow cooker now to make more stock (and more shredded chicken!). 

FYI: That's not actually canned, we just use jars for leftovers sometimes. 
Tonight I made tasty (but not very photogenic) grilled cheese sandwiches to eat with pears and soup leftovers. I had two ends of bread left so I made sandwiches on both cornmeal bread and sweet white bread with cheddar and swiss. Ya!