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Iva Bell Hotsprings July 2011 (our pseudo-honeymoon)
Lake Spaulding Area July 2011
Eagle Lakes, Soda Springs and Meeks Bay (July 2011)
Donner Lake, Granite Chief, Tahoe (August 2011)
Donner: Tahoe/Mt. Judah (August 2011)
Wisconsin (September 2011)
Highway 88--Kirkwood, Lake Margaret, Meiss Trailhead (September 2011)
Echo Lake, Hope Valley (October 2011)
Tahoe Rim Trail (October 2011)
Maui (December 2011)
Ventana Wilderness Backpacking(February 2012)
Pioneer Trail, Wrights Lake (May 2012)
Trinity Wilderness Backpacing Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 (July 2012)
Canyon Creek Lakes Dayhike (July 2012)
Lake Schmidell and Rockbound Pass Backpacking (August 2012)

Smoothie recipe on this page
Potato-Turnip Mash
Slow Baked Country Style Pork Ribs
Refrigerator Pickles
Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies
Tomatillo Salsa
Elderberry Liqueur
Granola (no added fat)
Cheese-stuffed meatballs
Fig appetizer
Cranberry Sauce
P90X Protein Bar Recipe

First Time Canning
Dill Pickles

Week Plan Sept 21 2012
Week Plan Oct 1 2012


We own a Sportsmobile camper van. It's awesome. I blogged about the work my husband did building it here: Liz and Adam Van-Go. Best to go back to the first post and read forward in time to see the process as it went down.

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