Saturday, April 14, 2012


Just a little update to say that we have decided to try out P90X. We bought it on Amazon "used" (though it appeared to have never been opened, with all materials intact) for $90.

For those of you that don't know, P90X is a 90 day at-home workout plan. Six days a week you do one of their workout videos (in a certain order, which changes over the course of the ninety days). There is also a diet plan (high protein, low carb) that goes along with the workouts.

We started it on Thursday, and even though it's only been a couple of days, we really like it! Before P90X, we'd been having a hard time fitting in workouts during the week. When we lived in the Valley, we both commuted by bike a couple days a week which was a great way to get in some extra workouts, but we have never been good at doing strength training (despite the fact that we own a full set of professional type dumbells...). So--we think this is really going to work for us. It also helps that we both are motivated to do it (most of the time) so when one person isn't feeling it, the other person can make it happen!

I love exercising, so it's easy for me to do the workouts, especially since they are something new. Eating fewer carbs--that is hard! So far, so good. Proteins we have utilized so far: 0% plain Greek yogurt, fat free cottage cheese, tuna, chicken, beef tri-tip, eggs, milk, whey protein powder. P90X definitely has lots of marketing to go with it, so they include their own protein bars and drinks in their nutrition plan. I did some research and made our own protein bars and found that chocolate milk has the same protein/carb ratio as their drink, so we don't have to spend extra money on those items. Makes me realize how I really ate probably 60-70% carbohydrates in my old diet, and now we're aiming for just 20%. Yum, more chicken!

And yes, we did take "before" pictures and measurements--but I'm not going to post those until I have great "after" pictures to go with them! And, on top of P90X I am still doing running (current goal of my next half marathon in June, with another in Sept, and maybe a full marathon after that) and road biking (we're doing a century ride in May). Adam also just recently built me a mountain bike so I'll be doing that on the side as well! So I'm hoping for some good results (namely, less flab around the midsection and overall increased muscle tone). We'll keep you updated....

Non-related bonus photos:
Tonight Adam got some exercise weed wacking our huge yard (and, for the record, I mowed and edged the lawn areas of our yard which is also no quick task...):
(He is wayyyy back behind that orange tree in the middle of the photo, you can't see him)

(And here's a close up of his face--lots of greenery flying everywhere!)

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