Tuesday, June 28, 2011

About me, and us.

As of June 2011......
We are 20-somethings, newly married, living in the Central Valley of California. We work in the flatlands but our hearts are in the hills. My husband (Mr. Active) built us and our two dogs (Spencer and Carex) a camper van. We chronicled this project on our first blog, Van-Go. We spend our free time camping, hiking, backpacking and running with our dogs. We also road bike and Mr. Active mountain bikes (single speed). We take our exercise seriously. I love to cook and bake (I'm a homemaker at heart), and I spend my working hours on a local farm. Mr. Active works in construction management and spends free hours on weekdays working on our van and keeping our cat, Bruce, out of trouble. We look forward to sharing a bit of our lives with all of you!

Update March 2015.....
Changes! We're now 30-somethings, married for a few years, living in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our hearts are still in the hills--mainly the Sierra Nevada mountains but we'll take singletrack where we can find it--but we spend most of our time at our makeshift homestead here near the coast. Adam works and I stay at home with our kid, dogs, cat, chickens and garden. We do our best to get our exercise in (me on the weekdays and Adam on the weekends). We're both chasing "active" dreams--Adam a 100 mile mountain bike race in the summer of 2015 and me a marathon late spring or early summer 2015.


  1. Can't wait to read more of your adventures!! And, hopefully join some of the adventures and wine drinking in the future!!!! XO!

  2. Great! I am working on a massive post all about our wedding...you'll be in there if that's OK! (Especially since I'll be using your photos!)