Thursday, September 15, 2011

Wisconsin Trip!

We had a wonderful vacation in Wisconsin! 
It started out with visiting our family--we have an ADORABLE niece and nephew! We enjoyed visiting with everyone and cooking dinner and making dessert! That was definitely the relaxing part of the trip. We then got on our bikes and made our way north. Some highlights:

Tiny turtle!
Totally retro motel--LOVED IT. At Minacqua. 

Out to dinner in Minacqua.
Hiking and camping at Copper Falls State Park--gorgeous!
Relaxing by the fire.
After the bike ride, we ended up at Lake Namekagon to visit some friends. This place is quintessential northern Wisconsin lakefront property. Loved it! 
Pontoon boat ride!

Definitely miss Wisconsin already. We will be going back next year in October, so I can see the fall colors. September weather was definitely perfect for us!

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  1. ....aaaaand, it was sleeting up there last night.

    Welcome to Wisconsin (and Minnesota, for that matter)! Brr.