Monday, July 18, 2011

Canids and Felid.

Have you met these guys yet?



The Bruce.
I am beautiful.
These are our pets.
Carex the german shepherd mix.
Dude (aka Spencer) the border collie-aussie mix.
Bruce the cat. AKA, Brucifer, Brucells, Brucetillion, etc.

Definition of cute.
This is her, "WTF IS ON MY FACE" look.
PS, she turns into a statue when the doggles go on, refusing to move and if
possible ramming her face into your body. 
The dogs go with us most places; they have their own packs for backpacking and they love the trail. Bruce is more of a homebody, but he knows all of the neighbors and prefers to sleep 16 hours a day. Bruce also has boogers, due to a kittenhood sinus infection turned chronic mucus problem (worsened due to his smashed face). It's probably better that you don't experience this firsthand. 

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