Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fig Time

The fig harvest at work was completely dismal this year. We went out one time and were happy with what we got, but when we went back for more the tree was picked clean! We got probably 1/6 of what we enjoyed last year.

With my small basket of figs, I made one batch of jam.

I got five half pints and one 4-ounce jar from this batch. I was a little disappointed though, because I boiled it just a little too long and the jam set up to be very firm. It tasted fine, but to be spreadable has to be heated up. It will work well for a glaze for pork, and Adam managed to mix some into plain Greek yogurt so I'm sure we'll use it up!

Hope for more figs next year! Fig trees produce on new growth, so we are planning on giving the (huge) tree a strategic trim later this Fall in hopes of increasing production. Also hoping for more rain--last year was so dry I think it reduced fruiting as well.

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