Monday, October 22, 2012

Last Week Wrap-Up and Meals + Workouts Week of Oct 22

This past week was SUPER busy! My work is so crazy and we had stuff going on after work just flew by.

My plan for this past week is located here with links to the recipes. Even with the busy, we still managed to make everything on the mealplan!

Three pictures above: wheat berries; one dinner including sesame soy broccoli, wheat berry salad, and chicken sausage; and the leftover broccoli and wheat berry salad making a lunch appearance. 

The apple stuffed chicken breasts were awesome. Adam made them and they lasted for lunches and dinners for a good part of the week. We made brown rice (cooked in low sodium broth) and salad to go with them. The beet fries, wheat berry salad, sesame soy broccoli, and chicken sausage were all great (I will definitely make the broccoli again!). I also marinated and we grilled a london broil steak. We sliced it thinly and had it with salad.

Friday night we had friends over and because I had to work overtime and then got stuck in traffic, Adam cooked an amazing dinner for everyone! He made lemon roasted chicken and roasted butternut squash (used walnuts instead of pine nuts) and I threw together a salad. Our friends brought wine and ice cream and I quickly made some brownies. It was super fun! Of course I was enjoying myself so much I never took a picture....

Exercise-wise, the week ended up looking like:
Usual early morning workout/run with the dogs everyday
Monday-Grocery shopping
Tuesday-After work meeting
Wednesday-Plyometrics P90X workout
Thursday-Shoulders and Arms + Abs P90X workout
Friday-Friends over!

Would have liked to get another longer run in there but it just didn't happen.


This coming week I expect more of the same insanity, possibly even worse.

Meals I plan to cook during the week:
Spaghetti squash with meat sauce
Mexican meat and bean "slop" (sounds to delicious!) with salsa and avocado*
Omelettes made by Adam**

We'll have more to eat after some weekend cooking as well (that will be in the Weekend Roundup I'll post on Monday).

I'm keeping it realistic--nothing too fancy or time-consuming.

As for workouts:
Two nights of cardio and one night of weights
One or two nights with abs

Monday: Grocery shopping and cooking
Tuesday: Legs and Back P90X + Abs
Wednesday: Kenpo P90X
Thursday: Run with the dogs--aim for just 4 miles
Friday: Finish up chores!

*"Slop" is something my husband loves, and while it's not very appetizing sounding, it is really good. It's just cooked ground beef or turkey, salsa, beans (either fat free refried or whole black/pinto). It's good with tortillas, tortilla chips, or just as a main dish served with green salad and avocado.

**My husband loves to make omelettes ever since we watched the Julia Child episode where she makes approximately 50 omelettes during the show, each time using about 2 tablespoons butter. It was mindblowing, the amount of butter she used! We make them using her method but with the pan sprayed with canola oil spray instead.

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