Saturday, October 20, 2012

Weekend Round Up Oct 13

This past week was sooo busy I forgot to post anything during the week! Here is the Weekend Roundup from last week.......

This weekend was another spent at home. This summer we traveled every other weekend with regularity, but lately we've been staying home more. I actually don't mind; I am liking the breaks on the weekends since work has been so busy.

On Saturday I went for a 4 mile run with the dogs and then Adam and I did the Legs and Back P90X video. We hadn't done that one in a while because I'd been having knee troubles, but it was actually totally fine. I thought that video had more jumping but it was mostly a lot of lunges which were no problem. At noon I went to get a massage because my back and neck were hurting so was amazing! I will be doing that again soon. That afternoon I cleaned house and then we went to my parents' for dinner which was fun. My mom made an amazing baked pasta dish with ground beef (we never cook pasta at home so it was a total treat) and they even had mint cookie ice cream on hand for dessert!

Sunday Adam and I were both sooooore from the legs workout! Ouch. We went on an easy 4 mile run with the dogs, and then did the Chest and Back P90X video and the Ab video. We shortened both a bit so the whole thing took about an hour. I think the lunges in Sunday's workout also worked our abs...we were were dying during the core portion of the workout.

For lunch we made cream cheese salmon spread and ate it with veggies and Wasa crackers. The salmon spread was just made up as we went and included low fat cream cheese, greek yogurt, canned salmon (from Costco, I really like it on salads or with steamed veggies), dry onion, lemon, salt and pepper.

I had my cracker with salmon spread and pickle relish on it. (I am a pickle lover.)
Sunday afternoon we did some reading, I mowed the lawn, and talked about our plans for next weekend (yeah we plan ahead occasionally!). We have been talking a lot about eating better quality food (not the as-cheap-as-possible bonus pack of chicken breasts..), so we decided to go check out two different butcher shops in Berkeley. We went to the Rockridge Market and to Ver Brugge, a meat, fish and poultry market. We bought some chicken breasts and chicken sausage from Ver Brugge. We also walked up College Ave to Ici, a local shop that has interesting flavors of delicious ice cream, but there was a long slow moving line so we decided to skip that.

Rockridge Market
On the way home we stopped to get ginger most favorite non-water drink (currently).
The best one I've had so far is Fentiman's...sooo spicy!! The best. Plus there's a dog on their label.

For dinner Adam made apple stuffed chicken breasts. They were so good! We used sherry instead of white wine and parmesan instead of cheddar because that's what we had on hand. I made a quick green salad, baked acorn squash, and used our rice cooker to make brown rice cooked in chicken broth. It was a very good dinner, and we have enough chicken for three more meals for both of us (leftover rice and squash too).

Leftovers packaged up for Monday lunch. Chicken, squash, rice and sauce. 

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