Sunday, August 7, 2011

Donner Weekend: Tahoe Lake Bike and Mt. Judah Hike

This past weekend we did our usual: hop in van after work and head up the hill. This time, we met my parents at the cabin at Donner Lake.

On Saturday, they very kindly and graciously watched the doggies while we went on a long bike ride: we rode around Lake Tahoe! I didn't take any photos (forgot the camera in the van..), but my takeaway message is: I'm glad I did it, but I don't think I'll ever do it again.

The ride wasn't very hard, and it definitely has views of the lake that are amazing! We rode it clockwise. My least favorite parts were the section on Highway 50 east of South Lake Tahoe, where the road is 4 lanes, there is more traffic, and most of the time there is no shoulder (it felt like riding on the freeway to me--too scary). I also didn't particularly like the road coming into Emerald Bay, but that's my own dislike of heights (it's a little steep and cliffy).

BUT--I loved the ride along the east shore (less traffic great views) and I liked a lot of the west shore ride, too--good views (Emerald Bay is beautiful), interesting houses to look at, a good climb and some fun (not too steep) descents.

Saturday evening we went to a neighborhood potluck, which was fun with good food and interesting folks.

Sunday, we went hiking with my parents! We took my mom up to the top of Mt. Judah (on the Mt. Judah Loop trail). It was really fun and the wildflowers were AMAZING.

The photo isn't great but this is a hillside covered in Lupines, indian paintbrush, larkspur, penstemon, yellow and purple asters, and some mule's ears!

Monster big indian paintbrush.
Took this pic for my mom--the Phlox growing in the rocks is so pretty!

Some nice views! This photo has Anderson Peak and Tinker's Nob in it, with the PCT leading up to them both.
Us, with Donner Lake in the background (and the omnipresent I80 corridor..). 
Great weekend! Home now and Adam made us a delicious dinner while I put away stuff from our trip. Busy week ahead (like usual...).

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