Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What the Cieslaks do on a random Wednesday night

So, usually on a Wednesday I ride to and from work and then we go to agility with the dogs. But, I didn't ride today and we are going to agility on a different night this week, we had more time on our hands. So, here is an overview on what I (and we) did tonight...

Went to Trader Joe's. I bought 7 bottles of 2 Buck Chuck, a bags of trail mix, raw sunflower seeds, raw pumpkin seeds, and a fancy grinder.

Went to Cost Plus. They are having a sale on the drink mixers from our wedding--the Powell and Mahoney brand. Buy one get TWO free!! Holy crap!

Went to Ace Hardware. (Boring.)

Did misc. chores, expecting to be home alone all evening, then Adam came home! And he brought us bbq tri-tip for dinner! It was awesome.

Then I cleaned up the kitchen, made my lunch for tomorrow, and started moving furniture around since we are having the carpet cleaned tomorrow.

Then, we got sidetracked...

I started framing more photos and hanging them up, which meant using a hammer. Which lead to this...

See, Adam said I was weak. Then he said if I'm strong I should be able to hammer a nail into a board in three hits (tap, HIT, HIT). So, we had a hammering contest in the garage. Neither of us could do it! Then, Adam got out the 12 pound sledge hammer. He hammered a nail in with one hit!

I hammered a nail in with 10 hits with a regular hammer and 4 hits with the sledge.

Then, we watched this video:

You might wonder why. That's because my coworker got offered a chance to learn how to butcher a sheep, which means I could come too...which lead to Shaun the Sheep.  :)

Now Adam is working on his computer and I am doing this blog. Time for bed...

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