Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Elderberry liqueur!

Elderberry liqueur--courtesy of Hunter Angler Gardener Cook!

This was very easy to make. I harvested elderberries at work last Friday and put this together over the weekend.

Just: wash berries, put in jars, add lemon peel (no white pith), fill jars with vodka. Let sit! For weeks! Then open jars, add sugar to taste (maybe about 1/3 cup for the whole batch according to the website above). Yes.

Now that I've done this, I'm considering doing other infused liquors. Citrus vodka when citrus is in its high season? Berry flavor? Peach? Hmmmm....


  1. you don't even know how jealous sarah gu will be that you have access to elderberries. the jealousest.

  2. you should use Everclear, 151 proof grain alcohol. That way, you can sweeten it with simple syrup without watering it down too much.